You’re All Surrounded


South Korea still praying for those become a victims in sunken ferry.

Yellow ribbon campaign.

But, life still  must go on. Its already 2 weeks, hemm almost 3 weeks i think.

I can’t give anything new about music, because all music show and idol postponed their comeback. Truthfully i really curious and can’t wait 2PM comeback, but i can’t do anything they must respect about the tragedy.

But! Variety show and drama already aired again, so i still can give update for you~~~

Before this, i already post about Ahn Jaehyun right?? Yes, he now already filming his new film Marriage Bible, and new drama You’re All Surrounded.



You’re All Surrounded started aired next week on 7th May 2014, Wed. & Thu. 21:55  on SBS. “You’re All Surrounded” follows 4 twenty-something-year-old rookie detectives including Eun Dae-Koo, at a police station in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.



Main Cast :

You're All Surrounded-Lee Seung-Gi.jpg You're All Surrounded-Cha Seung-Won.jpg You're All Surrounded-Go Ara.jpg You're All Surrounded-Ahn Jae-Hyeon.jpg
Lee Seung-Gi Cha Seung-Won Go Ara Ahn Jae-Hyeon
Eun Dae-Koo Seo Pan-Seok Eo Soo-Sun Park Tae-Il
You're All Surrounded-Sung Ji-Ru.jpg You're All Surrounded-Park Jung-Min.jpg You're All Surrounded-Oh Yoon-Ah.jpg You're All Surrounded-Seo Yi-Sook.jpg
Sung Ji-Ru Park Jung-Min Oh Yoon-Ah Seo Yi-Sook
Lee Eung-Do Ji Kook Kim Sa-Kyung Kang Seok-Soon

Teaser Ver.1


Please anticipated this drama~~~ ^^ Lets make it into a big success ❤


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