Its real!

Who would have thought I would go to south korea ?
Even I did not think I’d go there . And I went there! Its real! AAAA~~ So happy ><
South Korea . As many people say on the internet . The place is beautiful , comfortable , and very enjoyable . I feel I didn’t want to leave Korea .
I went there the night of May 8 , with my friends and 1 of my friend parent . The journey was long and very cold . The next morning , the plane has landed at Gimhae International Airport , Busan .

Strong winds and cold the first to greet us at the airport . The temperature was about 13 degrees in there , quite cold and strong winds add to chill of the day. After looking around Busan for awhile , we immediately headed to ride the KTX in Busan Station . We took the KTX to go to Seoul . Seoul i’m comiiinnggg ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ woohooo

Hemm … maybe if I tell you everything will be very long . You would be bored reading it . Haha . I better tell the whole course. Enjoy~!



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