SEOUL : Happiness , Culture , Workout

Seoul , capital of South Korea . Big city with a wide variety of beauty . You can find the city that is modern , full of friendly people , wi – fi everywhere , as well as the city that still keep and maintain the culture .


On the one hand , Seoul is a very modern city . I was surprised to find that so many subway lines , and in it there is wifi . Wherever , whenever you can find wifi . Moreover , tall buildings , and the city that well maintained show quality modern city Seoul . Yes they have good quality in the city . The streets are so clean , pretty well maintained , and everything is organized .


But the first time you came to Seoul you will definitely be surprised . Everyone there went so fast . Even people who are elderly . All went so fast . Besides the ladder so much in the subway station . Only in some subway stations have escalators . Sometimes they have the escalator to go up, but did not have an escalator to go down . Especially if you are to Apgujeong , to the idol entertainment(SM, JYP, CUBE, FNC) . There is a very long escalator ride . But there is no escalator to go down . There are about 102 stairs we have to climb down . And I ‘ve been to that place 3 times . Imagine . Haha . You there , without you knowing it , you ‘ve been exercising .

In Seoul you can also find a wide variety of entertainment . Shopping ? Can . A lot of places that you can visit to shop ( Dongdaemun , Myeongdong , Lotte ) . Amusement parks ? A lot . There Everland , Lotte World , Carribian Bay , etc. . You can find pleasure even from their food . The food there is very tasty and the portions very much . Haha . Add spirit to keep around in Seoul .


On the other hand , side by side with an increasingly modern city , Seoul still provides a place where their culture remain unknown . There Buckheon Hanok Village in Anguk . You can find a palace there , and housing hanok ( Korean traditional house community ) . You can stay in a hanok if you want . There is a tourist information center , information center also hanok guesthouse to find info . Additionally , you can find a wide range berdampngan palace located with modern high rise . Even so , the attraction of the palace is no less than a modern tourist spot . There are a lot of people who visit the palace – palace . While visiting the site , you can use the tour with a variety of languages ​​( Korean , Japanese , Mandarin , English ) . This suggests that the Seoul government care about their culture . They care , also facilitate it.





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