Transportation : Fast , Crazy

Vehicles are most commonly used in Korea is the subway . And I highly recommend this vehicle . Subway vehicles such as heart there . You can go anywhere using the subway . It is rather the train , because the subway is different from one province to another province . In Seoul alone there are 9 different subway line . And if you look at the subway map , I’m sure your eyes will spin . Haha . It was very difficult to read .


At each station have many exit , and also many stairs . So , before we came out we must really attentive to our exit . And make sure there are escalators or not. But if you are not too tired , you certainly can use a regular stairs. At that time I was too tired and my legs are very sore , i was not able to use regular stairs again –“

Subway in there very timely . you can find a small screen installed in the hallways where you would change the line or subway ride . On the screen there will be a picture of the train running from and to where . In addition there will be time to train . In addition the subway also safe and comfortable . They have guards guarding the entrance , you can ask if you are confused . What is unique that a song to sign the train was coming . If you watch Beast Showtime , you will hear the song when Dongwoon up the subway . I got memorized it. Haha .


Other vehicles you can ride are bus and taxi. But im not really recommend both of these vehicles . Maybe if you are trapped and brought a lot of stuff you can take a taxi . But make sure the streets are not jammed at the time ( do not select on Monday , because it is jammed ) , because the jammed streets means more expensive taxi . If you take a taxi , at the listed cost of a taxi , there is a small red figure . The number is changing very fast , and that’s the number that adds to the cost of a taxi . If that number back to the original number then the cost increases 100won taxi . Quite expensive if exposed to a standstill, because the journey becomes longer .
In addition to taxis , buses also not really recommended. I boarded the bus there about 3 times , because my second guesthouse far enough. First I take the bus , I sat so not too feel it. But quite noticeably. Buses in there very quickly . Like a fast and furious movie hahaha. If you stand up , just like me when I boarded the bus for the second time , I assure you will not be able to stand properly . You have to hold tight and stand properly . It also can not be sure you to be able to remain standing in place early . Haha . You could be on the move, could also fall . Moreover, for the first time . One stood little can be fatal . Therefore , after I boarded the bus for the second time , my friends and I would ride the bus only if there is a place to sit . Hahaha.

Ah ! For motors . If you often watch the drama , you ‘ll often find food delivery bikers riding the bike like a drunk . I found in Wang ‘s Family drama . They drive a motor winding , such as loss of balance . I thought it was just in the drama , it is so original . I see a lot of bikers riding the bike like that . Seriously . So watch out !


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