REALLY long time after i wrote in this blog huft.

Truthly the reason why i never write in this blog again is, i forget how to kpop/how to being a kpopers/how is kpop live. HAHAHA.

Yeah, starting after i done with high school and got long holiday. I got nothing to do just watching some dramas and variety show in KBS WORLD. Especially after i little bit like EXO, i started following a bunch of EXO fanssite in twitter like always. BUT after i follow them i know its wrong. Why? Because another fansite beside EXO, like 2PM, INFINITE, etc got buried by EXO update. The fansite gave A LOT of update everyday that makes me bored. Everywhere is EXO. So I slowly leave twitter. I also didn’t have smartphone at that time, made me so lazy to open twitter from laptop. I just chat with my friend in chat room, watching KBS WORLD (2D1N, Happy Together, Hello Counselor, Human Condition), watching dramas (Gapdong, Doctor Strangers, etc), and thats all

The big achievement in 2014 are just being 5th place in National Exam (Languange Progam for my province), fly to Korea (YEAY!), and got University (although i little bit disapointed with my university). But being 5th place in National Exam is the bigest achievement i ever had i think. Because while i’m in school, i never got a VERY GOOD RANK. just so-so. My Parents always got called from school because of my score hehe. So being 5th place is really make me happy and thankful. 2014 just a beautiful year until i come to University.

After i started University for around 2 weeks or so I must prepare for orientation (that I never had 😦 ), i barely have time to play with my laptop, even i got new smartphone and started tweeting again. Then i must study for special lecture for 2 weeks, then immediately started normal lectures. I also join some extracurricular (but i stop it because my house is far enough and i feel sorry for my parents to pick me up at bus station at night), so its really makes me really lazy to write and got no updates. But suddenly i got info 2PM will hold a concert in Indonesia on December 5th. I barely got the news and buy the ticket. Then I think, “where is 2PM news? Whats going on with 2PM news and song? AHHHH MY 2PM!!!” so i unfollowed some EXO fansite, and start following some 2PM new fansite, because apparently some of 2PM fansite that i follow is closed and do not update. 😦 After i unfollowed some EXO fansite (sorry guys), my twitter got live, the other fansite started to show again HAHAHA.

But still i got no interest to write about kpop update in my blog, until now. I think i still will rarely write in this blog later hehehe. You know, when i went to Korea, my 1st guesthouse is close to building called Seoul Court (?). Then there’s a day i must change guesthouse and take my friends to seoul station because they must go home the day after from Busan. that night i borrow my other friends phone and look at my twitter. You know what, that day was the day when Kris filling lawsuit against SM Ent. After i back to my house, Baekhyun Taeyeon dating, etc etc etc. Huft nothing got my interest in 2014 about kpop. there is to much scandal and dating issue. Also in twitter its all about concert, music show, magazine photoshoot, etc. I miss when idol got into variety show like sesame player, 2pm show, etc. Right now, variety show is just so-so. Nothing hilarious and can make me laughing until death. Huft.

Well, so i still slowly back to Kpopers live, and lazy to update. Help me back please :”)


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