Hello! Because this drama already reach the final episode 2 days ago, so i want to make a review about it. Maybe if you not watch it yet, you can watch it later after read this review πŸ™‚

 photo Healer17.jpg

  • Drama : Healer
  • Hangul : 힐러
  • Director : Lee Jung-Sub
  • Writer : Song Ji-Na
  • Network : KBS2
  • Episodes : 20
  • Release Date : December 8, 2014 – February 10, 2015
  • Runtime : Mon & Tue 21:55


Kim Moon Ho is a popular reporter at major broadcasting company called ABS. Kim Moon Ho is known for his kindness, courage, and quality as a reporter. In other side, Chae Young Shin is a reporter from a internet magazine (?). Chae Young Shin also a big fan of Kim Moon Ho, she have a big poster of Kim Moon Ho in her room.

Meanwhile, Kim Moon Ho is looking for his cousin (not real cousin) who according to his brother already dead. But He know that his brother not as clean as other people think. He believe that his cousin still alive. He pays Healer (code name for a mysterious errand guy) to take DNA from some girls who was adopted on a specific time.

However, when Kim Moon Ho found out his cousin, troubles begin to appear. Which makes Kim Moon Ho, his cousin, Healer, and his Noona in danger. Also there are some people behind the trouble which turns out people around them. People who close to them.

Well, i can’t tell you the whole story because its no fun if i tell you. But, honestly this drama was amazing. It was very exciting until the end. Hem, not really. I think its enough if the drama stop at episode 16, they can just warp it. But they make it until episode 20. Also actually, i can’t get it what their boss want, and why he called Kim Moon Ho brother the best one. Until, at the last episode, the drama told us what their boss want, but it feels so sudden and feels like something off.Β  This drama is bring together two genres that popular these days. Being a reporter and do some action. Healer is really good. Unlike most the other KBS drama which getting bored in the middle of drama, this drama getting more exciting until the end. So it’s worth it to watch. ^^


Cast :


Ji Chang Wook : Seo Jung Hoo/Healer/Park Bong Soo


Park Min Young : Chae Young Shin


Yoo Ji Tae : Kim Moon Ho

Kim Mi Kyung : Jo Min Ja

Oh Gwang Rok : Ki Young Jae

Taemi : Kang Daeyong

Park Sang Myeon : Chae Chi Soo

Park Won Sang : Jang Byeong Se

Park Sang Won : Kim Moon Shik

Do Ji Won : Choi Myunghee

Jo Han Chul : Yoon Dong Won


You can watch it here. Enjoy watching ^^!


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