What I miss about South Korea

Korea, South Korea. They have many things that everybody gonna like, also me too. I love everything about Korea (as far as i know). I love how Korea care about culture, how Korea have the fastest internet, etc. Well, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like my own country. My country also have many things that i love. But in my country i can’t find something that i find in Korea. Maybe they have but not the same. These.. These what i miss :”)

1. Cold Noodles/Naengmyeon/냉면

Cold Noodles is a Korean noodle dish of long and thin handmade noodles made from the flour and starch of various ingredients. Served in large stainless bowl with iced broth. Me and my friend bought 2 kinds of Cold Noodles. Mul Naengmyeon and Bibim Naengmyeon. Mul Naengmyeon is mainly made from buckwheat and the broth of beef or pheasant. It also uses dongchimi broth or a mixture of it, while adding the sliced pieces of the radish to the dish. Meanwhile Bibim Naengmyeon is like the spicy version of Naengmyeon, eaten with the spicy gochujang dressing and other ingredients all mixed also less broth.



For me, I love Bibim Naengmyeon. It has spicy taste that i can’t get over it. At first i got shocked because the noodles, it can’t be separated. I meant you must take in one go, you can’t cut it off in the middle to chew it. But i think this is the sensation (?). I miss it how fun to eat this noodle, and how it taste. I found some restaurant who served Naengmyeon but the noodles so different, so i put this to number one things that i miss.


2. Dunkin Donut at Apgujeong (in front of JYP Building)

Well, i not miss the donut of course. I can buy it in my country if i want. But what i miss is, the location. Its between Cube and JYP building. take a walk for a little and you can find FNC and SM building. I miss how i spent 3 days at Dunkin Donuts just to met some one JYP artist (hope for 2PM of course, but… sorry just Taecyeon and GOT7 for now). I met some new friends from US and Hongkong, and sasaeng. SASAENG! HAHAHAHA so funny how they “protect” the idol but the idol wants to meet the fans and how the fans got the idol sign but sasaeng got nothing. Well, you know.., for Kpop lovers, what they need is meet their idols, so do i. Need to put this place into number two!

1972408_10201744024917451_3567720225113986124_n3. Black Soybean Noodles/Jjajangmyeon/짜장면

Black Soybean Noodles is a noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste), diced pork and vegetables. Need to mark this. I had twice Jjajangmyeon in Dongdaemun and Busan (near Indy Guesthouse). BUT! Jjajangmyeon in Busan is so delicious. It has delicious taste that i can’t forget and i can’t found in first Jjajangmyeon also Jjajangmyeon in my country. When you see it, it just look like ordinary Jjajangmyeon. But when you taste it, you can’t stop eating it. Because of Jjajangmyeon and Bibim Naengmyeon I must come to Korea again! My mouth start to watery for just imagine it :”


4. Hongdae, and Myeongdong

Maybe these two places are famous for foreigners. Yeah it famous because it addictive for some way and reasons. Hongdae is a place with many restaurants, street performance, and club, also accessories shop. When you go there you can found street performance right away. This place also famous for dating and clubbing. You can also taste many delicious food. I’m craving for intestine and soondae (but i can’t taste it because my friend not like it and i can’t eat alone). I had hydrogen ice cream, and spicy chicken that both taste amazing.

Otherwise Myeongdong is a place with many cosmetic shop, cloth/bags/accessories/shoes shop, kpop things, and food. When you go to Myeongdong the first thing you can found is cosmetic shop everywhere. Eventhough they are the same cosmetic shop, but they’re everywhere in myeongdong. you can see the big one and the small one. You can also found many restaurant and theater. But you can get lost in Myeongdong for sure if you forget where you came and when they are a lot of people. But you can get a map if you want from people in Myeongdong with English, Chinese and Japanese. Well, for Kpop lovers there are Myeongdong underground shop who sells kpop things in cheaper price. Please! Make sure you know where the exact entry because they have many entries that some of them didn’t connected with the Kpop shop.


5. Subway, weather, and the street

In my country, we don’t have subway. we just have normal train, bus, etc except subway. I miss subway because they are everywhere. I can go anywhere at anytime quickly. Eventhought i must take a looonngggg stairs its okay because its worth it. I also miss Korean weather. Because its COLD! My country is so hot! I like take a walk without being hot, without getting sweat and wet armpit. Hahaha. Ah! I miss Korean street too. Well, my country don’t have beautiful street for pedestrian, its so sad right? But in Korea they have beautiful street for pedestrian. I love the way i walk in the street with beautiful shop beside me, with handsome people walking around, and with nice weather. :3



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