Concert start at 6.30 pm, and i wait from 8.30am. HAHAHA, crazy enough right? Yes crazy enough for makes my skin tanned. I just like chess board now when i stand beside my friend hahaha. Promotor kind enough for give us a sky full of sun light. Also a weather full of heater and dust. Promotor also so kind because they don’t give us clear direction about when, where, what. That day i just like black frog jump around searching the exact right place for fast track. Yes, we who don’t refund the ticket get free fast track, we can enter the venue 30 minute before the regular time. But fast track also can be purchase only for 100K. So we must hurry take our fast track ticket and get into line so we can get front line.


We enter the venue around 5.30pm, salute with the security people because they so dicipline and make no one can enter the venue before their turn. When i enter the venue i was so shock. The stage was so small, very small. Also the distance between us and stage was so far, not like WTII concert. FYI, i got the very front line! Woohoo! My tanned skin got paid hahaha.


The concert start at 6.30 pm. Their first song was HEARTBEAT! MY HEART BEAT SO FAST YEAAHH! I can see them soooo ccllleeeaaarrr. They so handsome, even with their sweat make they more handsome. More hot! In the concert Taecyeon busy saying that our country was so hot. YES! It more hot because of them! Before again and again, after they change their clothes, they came out and sing “Satu Satu”. Just like 2 years ago. Then, after that they make us shock and faint. They sing “Dekat Di Hati”! BFIO&#^$&)HBYWGE(#&(!!! I can’t say it with word yeah, they so so so so (fill it by yourself) /die/.


In the end, they say they will be back soon with their new album. They make us promise to comeback and watch them again. Also make us promise to be healthy and wealthy. Yes of course i will be wealthy enough to buy your ticket again. Hope they can hold fan meeting event concert like in Japan, or maybe fanday. Well, thats maybe just a dream for I-fans like me. So sad they not sing beautiful and fight, where i anticipate it. Anyway i happy to see them again after 2 years(?) 1 year for Taecyeon yeah. And they seem more handsome for me. 2PM jjang! See u again next year please! You guys my vitamin ❤

Once again thank you Enstar Entertainment for bring them! 🙂 and thanks to my phone for these beautiful photos~~


p.s : check my youtube too for more videos



Thanks to Enstar Entertainment, 2PM can held a concert on 28 March 2015.

YES! THEY HELD A CONCERT AND HI5 SESSION! FHJAER#*)$R&(EU! SO ****ING LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THEM. Actually they will hold a concert on 5 December 2014, but because of bad weather stage equipment can’t be send to Indonesia, so yeah, promotor must postponed it. And after a long wait they come.

HI5 SESSION, 27 March 2015.

Hi5 ticket is gave to them who not refund the first concert ticket (before postponed), and to them who buy the ticket after concert has postponed. 300 Hi5 tickets for who not refund, and 100 Hi5 tickets for who buy it after postponed. And guest what, I GOT THE Hi5 TICKET! LUCKY ME! Still can’t believe until now, that i already do a Hi5 with 2PM and Jay Park. Complete touch 7 member of 2PM :”) Thank you so much for choosing me, a bunch of kiss for you promotor-nim! :*

Registration time start at 12pm and ends at 2pm. I came around 12.15pm and i saw so many people on a line. But i thought after we come do a registration and enter the venue. So i went to the toilet first and touch up (who don’t wanna pretty in front of their idol, event though i not pretty ha ha ha). After that i took a line and wait for my turn. But registration is just for a Hi5 number, and i got number 212. They told us to come at 2.30pm, so we can started the Hi5 session. Before that, in twitter, promotor promised us that we have meet&greet with 2PM and do Hi5 session after that. BUT! On venue, we just have time hemm, around 15 mnt i think, with 2PM. Because media do an interview for a loooooonnnnggggggg tttiiiimmmeeeee. I also got 3 rows from back because at first security make us to enter the venue according to our number, and he make number 200 above to wait in the back line. But after number 100 above the security just make us enter the venue as fast as we can. Huft.

Well, there’s outside the venue. Inside the venue, for the first time i took my feet inside the venue i start to trembling. YES! HAHAHA! Because i realize i so close to meet 2PM. Then, 2PM came out, and you must be know how i react. I trembling, can’t hold my phone properly, i scream as loud as i can, i take out my banner, and…… i see they so close. Close enough to make me faint. To make me cry. When my row start to walk closer to 2PM, i can’t stop smiling, i trembling so much can’t manage my face. HAHAHA. At first i can see Chansung hand then i see Chansung face, Chansung smile, then Jun.K, then Junho, then WOOYOUNG, then Nichkhun, and Taecyeon. They… so F***ING HANDSOME. THEY FACE, THEY SMILE, THEY HANDS, JUST TAKE ME TO HEAVEN ALREADY! (even i started to smiling while write this). YES! THEY JUST SO CLOSE AND I JUST DIE AT THAT TIME. I EVEN CRYING AFTER THAT STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT BABE! Hahaha



Enough already /die/.

White Day with Kim Woo Bin

There’s a good news for Kim Woo Bin fans in Indonesia! Enstar Entertainment proudly present ‘White Day with Kim Woo Bin in Jakarta’.


Kim Woo Bin who started his career as a model began to be recognized as an actor through the drama A Gentleman Dignity(2012). He began getting offers to play a lot of drama. School 2013′ (2013) and The Heirs(2013) became a drama that took him as far more important actor in the world of acting. For his performance in The Heirshe successfully won the award in the Asia Model Festival Awards as Best New Actor in 2013.

This year, Kim Woo Bin ready to greet his fans through exclusive fan meeting in 6 countries, including Indonesia. Of course, since the announcement, this tour was greeted with enthusiasm by the fans.

Took place at Hall The Kasablanka, Kim Woo Bin will show his talent and charm to the fans. Through interaction, chat, etc, hes ready to make unforgettable memories for himself and also the fans.

For you who want to fond memory with Kim Woo Bin, this ‘White Day with Kim Woo Bin‘ seat plan :

seatingplankwb* price above does not include 10% VAT and administrative costs Rp 10,000,

Especially for Indonesia fans, fans will get some special fan service that don’t exist in other countries. HI5 opportunity to all holders of VIP tickets and HI5 lottery for other categories. Also lottery for group photo with Kim Woo Bin and lottery for signed posters.

Kim Woo Bin fan meeting tickets can be purchased at the official ticket sales agent Enstar Entertainment is Tiket.com (www.tiket.com).


For more info :

Twitter : @enstarent
Facebook : EnstarEnt
Pin bb : 53756d4b


Special thanks for Enstar Entertainment.

Are you ready guys!? ^^

INFINITE Release Poster for World Tour


Woollim Ent released the official poster for the world tour INFINITE!
In a poster for a world tour titled ‘2013 INFINITE 1st World Tour: One Great Step ‘is, the members sitting on a throne like a king.
‘2013 INFINITE 1st World Tour: One Great Step ‘will begin on date of 9 and August 10 in Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium, Seoul.
After that, INFINITE will hold concerts in some countries such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, and several countries in America and Europe.
Now, is INFINITE 1st ‘2013 World Tour: One Great Step ‘will come to Indonesia? ^^

UKISS Showcase and FanParty Live in Jakarta

Finally, UKISS Showcase and Fanparty successfully held in Jakarta last night. On April 27, 2013, UKISS without Hoon again addressed KissMe (s) of Indonesia.
Previously, the show is scheduled on February 2, but due to the flooding in Jakarta, the event was postponed to April 27. Initially, the event was pushed back due Hoon would not be able to attend. But because the struggle KissMe (s) and other multi fandom fanbase helped , showcase not be postponed. But the showcase should go on without Hoon.

Showcase takes place in Sportmall Britama Kelapa Gading. For me, that place is so far away and take a long time to get there. I was with three of my friends had to go after school and use the bus. We get about a half hour before the gate was scheduled to open. But apparently the gate late to opened, so we had to wait about 1 hour. Queue was very long. But we saw there was a short row in the front , and we were sitting there, it turns out we were wrong line, and was forced to squeeze into a lineup that should be when the gate is opened. We managed to get a seat in the front. At first I thought the seat would be very much in the stage, but it turns out the place is very close to the stage. Close.

Showcase began. UKISS very handsome and friendly. They did not sing many songs, but they also played games with the fans, also gave clothes and CDs for charity. On the sidelines of the event there was also the appearance of S4.
I’m very happy because Kiseop (my bias) continues to look in the direction where I and my friends sat. He also often runs close to the stage where I’m sitting. So I have many photos  of Kiseop. After seeing Kiseop directly and closely, it turns out Kiseop very handsome. UKISS other members are also very handsome. In addition, Kevin also had to make a ‘love’, kiss, and aegyo on stage near where I sit. AJ and Kiseop also had to sing a duet song, and that is AJ suddenly appeared in the stands where I was sitting. ><I was very surprised. Satisfied, I’m very satisfied to see UKISS so close.
In this showcase his sound system is not good, the sound is not clear. Besides the lights had died a few times. However, promoters could provide free UKISS poster, and when the showcase finished we can get free Pocari Sweat too. Hehehe.
Overall, it remains a great showcase and running smoothly. Fans can also be arranged. However, soundsystem may need to be repaired.

And this are photos and fancams of UKISS~ Enjoy~



















































warm hug -Sheli- ^^

Ailee In Jakarta

You know Ailee?? She is a singer who debuted through the drama DreamHigh2. She has a soft, high, and very nicevoice . Ailee is also proficient in English because she had lived in the United States. He was debuted on February 6, 2012 by released Heaven.

Ailee recently visited Indonesia for a special performance at the ERU CONCERT WITH KPOP with Shorry J, and Baechigi. And I had the opportunity to see Ailee!!!!! Aaaahh!! Really waiting for this! I’ve liked from the beginning with Ailee, especially after she released the song Heaven.

At the concert Eru, Ailee singing Heaven, I Will Show You, and Shower of Tears ft. Baechigi. And her appearance VERY COOL! Ailee is very friendly and looks funny when greeting fans. And she also looks so pretty and sweet. ^^ I apologize for another artist, because my main goal is to meet Ailee not others. Hehehe. And thanks to Eru that already brings Ailee ~


However, unfortunately, in this concert stage is not good, the camera used is also less likely to have good quality, and the sound system is bad. band sound louder than the sound of the mic, so the singer’s voice is often not heard. I think this is not comparable with the performance artist. But comparable with the tickets, because the tickets are very cheap and even handed out free. And I got the free one~


I have some photos Ailee, and Baechigi. Also fancam I Will Show You. But first I’m sorry for the voice in the recording is not good, and the recording a little shaky.










Warm Hug -Sheli-

Upcoming Concerts in Indonesia

How if I wrote about the upcoming concert in Indonesia?
KPOP event in Indonesia this year did not stop after Music Bank Live in Jakarta. Even still continues. Reporting from a blog that about more than 15 KPOP Event will be in Indonesia for the year 2013.


1. Kakao Talk X BIGBANG
BIGABANG fanmeet with KakaoTalk users. Done in order to promote Kakaotalk. COCOA FREE TALK TALK. Took place on 19 April 2013.

2. Eru, Ailee, & many more
Eru is the first concert, with special performance Baechigi Ailee Shorry Mighty Mouth, and special guest Sule Atiqah. Took place on 20 April 2013

3. Korean Festival
The event was organized by KTOJakarta, Guest: Jang Woo Hyuk, Little Psy, etc. Took place on 19-21 April 2013

4. U-Kiss
Showcase and FanParty not be postponed, will run as scheduled earlier. However, Hoon could not participate due to schedule musical drama performances.

5. Boyfriend

6. Super Junior
Titled Super Show 5 Live in Jakarta. Be even more special because it was held on a special day for ELF and Super Junior. Took place on 1-2 July 2013

Unlike the fanmeet kakaotalk, for this GD will come to greet fans. ONE OF A KIND titled. Took place on 15-16 June 2013.

8. M! Countdown
KPOP Festival that it’s been confirmed for a long time, and enough to make a scene. But until now there has been no line up of artists who will come to this event. Took place on July 3, 2013

9. Innocent Man
Innocent Man or Song Jong Ki, will come to Indonesia after Eid.

In addition to the names mentioned above, there are rumors that will be one HUGE KPOP EVENT in Indonesia are still not at the announce. When viewed from the promoter-promoter tweet, JAY PARK, NU’EST, A-JAX, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation also going to Indonesia in the date is unclear. In addition it seems CNBLUE and JYPNATION will also visit Indonesia, but it is still a struggle for both.

It is very much to me. I do not know what to do. I don’t have money anymore….. Need money. LOL. As this seems so multifandom. Haha.

On the other hand, I’m glad that the relationship between Indonesia and South Korea look even better.
My message, save your money and carefully choose the concert you want to watch. Since we do not know the hearts of the promoter, could be a sudden there are more lucrative concert. ^^


warm hug -Sheli-