AMBER (엠버) – The 1st Mini Album `Beautiful`

Our beautiful Amber from f(x). She’s the first one from f(x) that make a solo album! Congratulatioonn~~~~


Released on Feb 13, 2015, ‘Beautiful‘ became her 1st mini album. With title track ‘Shake That Brass‘ and ft Taeyeon Girls Generation, Amber ready to show off her skills. In this album she also bring Eric Nam to do featuring for ‘Just Wanna‘. This album contains 5 songs with different kind of songs, Amber really shows that she’s really a singer and need to be reckoned with as a singer.

Amber_-_The_1st_Mini_Album_ Beautiful


Personally, I really like this album. Why? Because SM not really shows Amber potential during f(x) promotion. But through this album, Amber can shows her potential. Also Amber got helps from her friends and f(x) member. I really love how her friends and f(x) member helps her.

Anyway, from this album song that i like the most is ‘Just Wanna‘. Even this song similar to f(x) song, ‘Goodbye Summer‘, but i really like it. I like how Amber voice fit with Eric Nam. The second song that i like the most is ‘Shake That Brass’. I don’t know but i think this song not like SM style song. And i just like it from the first i hear it. Well, i like every song from this album. Because i can hear Amber beautiful voice.


This album is worth hearing, and please give your support to Amber!

You can buy and download it from here!


[MV] EXO – Overdose

It has been a long wait for comeback EXO??

YEAH they are finally back on 7 May 2014.

They released Overdose MV and Overdose minialbum in the same time. Which in a short time reached AllKill ~
EXO back with powerful dance and a new emblem.

Lets enjoy their music ~

Tell Me Why

Hemm… I’m sure you guys know about Key from SHINee and Woohyun from Infinite.

Yes, both of them make a duo group and release an album.

The group called TOHEART


So sorry i can’t make TOHEART review at that time 😦

3 weeks ago, at 10th March 2014, TOHEART released an album with music video. Titled Delicious.


This MV is not like any other SM MV but this MV have Woollim style MV. Yea, because this is collaboration between SMEnt and Woollim Ent. Anyway, is a cute MV. Both of them look so handsome and cute. And at the end of the mv there’s like a behind the scene or something like that, i’m not sure what i must called it. If you haven’t watch it, you must watch it now~

Then~~ JENG JENG! Today, they release a MV again with another song from their album. Tell Me Why. Its a nice song. Have a easy listening melody, and a nice lyrics. In this MV, they not use themself to be the model, but they use Sungyeol brother and a girl from SMEnt (sorry forget the name –v).

Tell me why both of them so handsome??? TT

Hehe~ Anyway, enjoy their songs! 🙂

Don’t forget to buy TOHEART album and watch their live perform~!


Hellooo longgggg tttttiiimmmmmeee no see~ Hehe.

Well, actually i want to write this long time ago, but i don’t have time and forget. So sorry 😦



Bangtan Boys, or BTS, rookie grup with 7 members. Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, V, Suga, Rap Monster, and J-Hope. This group has hiphop style, and always gave attractive dance.

At first, i don’t know about BTS until my friend told me. And i saw their debut MV, No More Dream. Good song, have a good meaning, good dance, but not good enough to capture my heart. In No More Dream, there’s a scene where Jimin show off his abs, and i thought ‘what the… why you like that when this is your debut…’ haha. Well.. for some scene i thought they similar to B.A.P but hem.. I just don’t like it at that time.

Then, after months, they make a comeback with We Are BulletProof. Again, they can’t capture my heart. My friend told me that BTS is a great group with great song. But in We Are BulletProof i really don’t like it. I thoungt at that time i became an anti-fan for awhile. Haha. Why?? Hemmm…. Because I thought at that time, their style and their MV, really similar to B.A.P No Mercy. I thought they like following B.A.P and make the same. Because B.A.P is a group with hiphop style like BTS. I like B.A.P first, so automatically i hate them because of that.

In N.O, i have a better view about them. They comeback with more attractive song and i don’t think they follow someone. At that time i start to looking about BTS, because i curious about my friend bias, Suga. BUT! Again, i found that they have intro dance when live perform. I saw it, and i saw B.A.P at their dance. Like with flashlight, police, and something like that. Hem… I just can take a deep breath..

And… 2014… JENG JENG~! They make a comeback with Boy In Luv or SangNamja. First, i told my friend that they have a boring song, just repeat one part. BUT! I must take my word again. THAT SONG JUST A GREAT SONG! With attractive dance, and handsome members they take my heart away. GREAT JOB I JUST ADD MORE BIAS AGAIN! At Boy In luv, they wear a uniform, and dance a ‘king kong’ dance. Pretty similar to Exo Growl, but i don’t care this time. Hahaha. Even i love Exo too, but king kong dance just a little part in this song, the other dance have a different style and their mv have a different story.

Now, like i said before, i make a bias again. My bias list became longer. Huft. What should i do.. I just put JIMIN and JIN into my bias list. JIMIN!! SO HANDSOME and when he smirk, he like WHAT THE HELL ON EARTH!! I just dying to see it. T_T Hahaha.. I really must take my word back about BTS.





But, for BTS, I hope they can make another great song, with a great dance. But more creative and don’t be afraid to be different. Its great to be different. When you guys make a fans, fans will always love you guys while you gave them your best perform, kindness, and something new. I hope more with you guys~ Fighting~~!!! :*





Sheli 🙂

Jay Park Releases Video Teaser for ‘Respect 16’


Jay Park were selected as honorary ambassadors for the ‘R-16 KOREA 2013 World B-Boy Contest’, released a teaser video for promotional single titled ‘Respect 16’.
‘Respect 16’ is the official song for the final ‘R16 World Championship 2013’, which was held in Seoul on 13-14 July 2013.
R-16 KOREA is a b-boy competition sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization. The competition in terms of a marketing culture to support street dance and urban street culture of the world.

Davichi Returns with “Missing You Today” MV

The chart-topping duo of Davichi is back, ready to create ‘Memories of Summer‘ with their new release 

The digital single album, ‘Memories of Summer’, includes title track “It’s Because I Miss You Today“, which as been composed by Choi Kyu Sung and serves as a perfect tune to hum along to this season.

The ladies even re-recorded the song just recently to further improve on the quality, so take a listen for yourself to see if it was worth all the extra effort above!


The making-of clip has also been released so check it out below after you see the MV!

source : allkpop

[MV] Tony An – “Just Until Here”

Tony An has released his MV for “Just Until Here“!

The mini album was already released yesterday. This is his first official release in a long while, so it’s one that should be met with an ecstatic response from long time fans of the singer.

Although the news of this release left fans wondering if he’ll be running into his girlfriend, Hyeri of Girl’s Day, on music programs, it’s been said the singer plans to focus his efforts on his upcoming full length album. So, it seems there won’t be special broadcast promotions from him unfortunately.


source : Allkpop