Hallyu Artist Music Videos (2PM) ^^

After i wrote about goodies, clothes, and little bit about my dream to meet 2PM, I want you to know more about 2PM. I will give you 2PM music video first~ Hope you like it ^^

“Without You” is MV from they album called DON”T STOP CAN”T STOP 

DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP  the words of encouragement 2PM. they always say before the start of the concert and one of the 2PM members believe that the sentence will continue to make them successful



2PM fans called the HOTTEST. 2PM to believe that the hottest always faithful to support them at any time. HOTTEST often give gifts to 2PM, the gifts are not only in goods but valuables. HOTTEST gives 2PM member favorite foods, 2PM favorite items, even words of encouragement and photos of encouragement to 2PM. 2PM was often made was touched by the hottest. 2PM finally dedicated a song for the hottest entitled THANK YOU”

The song THANK YOU” sung by the hottest ever at a concert 2PM. They sing it accompanied by a video containing the sayings and words of encouragement thanks from the hottest to 2PM.



those are a little info about 2PM music video and songs for HOTTEST~ hope you know more about 2PM ^^



warm hug – Sheli 😀



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