From Another World

In this post, I’m going to tell you about my forever bias, or idol. Bias from different world. Not from South Korea, not Asia. He is from Utah, USA. He was the runner up of American Idol Season 7 in 2008.

He is David Archuleta.


Born December 28, 1990, at Miami-Florida, with a full name David James Archuleta. He’s favorite color is Orange. He is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children’s division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances. When he was twelve years old, Archuleta Became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2. In 2007, at sixteen years old, he Became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol. In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

Well … I loved David since he went on American Idol. Even before he became runner up. His voice makes me like being somewhere. His voice can make a sense of calm, and happy, but it could also sad. He always sang with the right feeling. I think it’s something that is hard to come by.


In addition, David has a face that is always cute hehe. Yea, though he could say short, because height is only 173cm. But, it’s okay. I remember he once told that one of his fans said that the smell of his body like a baby. So actually no smell, and it’s funny to me. Hahaha. I also like it because, in every song has a good meaning. Not about romance usual, but there is a message behind the lyrics of the song.

And, most impressive is he is very very friendly! Always smile, a smile that could make people fly to the sky! The same thing happens when you face his golden brown eyes, you’ll fly into the sky too! Hahaha.


I can tell you like this, because I experienced it LOL.

Yeah, he’d come to Indonesia on July 16, 2011. And it was the first concert I saw. Actually, he came as a special guest at an event called ‘Ponds Teens Concert’. Although not a solo concert, but he sang for 2 hours, and he had a little chat on stage with MC and fans.

But to see him is not easy. I should be back and forth to Jakarta to exchange tickets and it was more than 4 times. At the 16th, which I think are not in school, it was Saturday in the first week of school. I think David will be performing an afternoon or evening, because there was no notice, I went to a concert (Field D, Senayan) immediately after school. I just brought tickets, drink, phone, and CDs, because if I’m lucky I can get his autograph. But it turns out David’s new show at 10 pm. I had to pass it rains, withstand hunger, and lost his voice because it was tired of singing. I also had to endure the ache because already stands about 7 hours. But, to be honest, it all paid off when David appeared on the stage. He brought the songs from her new album at the time, the album The Other Side of Down, old songs, the song debuted, and 5 new songs for the album The Other Side Of Down Asian Tour Edition. 5 new songs for the first time performed in front of his fans. Archangels Indonesia was really lucky can listen for the first time. His appearance was very energetic, while singing he trotted around the stage, greeted the audience, and took the prize from the audience. David also had to sing the song My Kind Of Perfect, A Thousand Mile Vanessa Carlton with the piano. Which makes me melt. Really! Archangels is exposed to rain, muddy and stomping in mud, just like the spirit and not tired. Because let’s face it, no one expected David to come to Indonesia. I even used to tremble when David was close to me, so there is no clear picture. It’s clear when he’s away. His eyes behold, his voice really, his smile really, made ​​me flew into the sky.


When he come to Indonesia for the first time :

David Welcome to Indonesia

David-historian david-archuleta-excited-to-eat-indonesian-food-ptc

He really like to eat, especially lemper, carp, noodles, dumplings.

The Stage :


Some photos from the concert :

david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_1-20110717-009-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_1-20110717-003-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_1-20110717-005-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_1-20110717-010-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_1-20110717-008-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_2-20110717-001-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_2-20110717-002-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_10-20110717-005-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_10-20110717-006-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_10-20110717-010-bambang david_archuleta_konser_ponds_teens_concert_11-20110717-005-bambang

 4e23f491c9407 0000367596 BB67174C584AC5FADD55E47B2E6D4 david-archuleta_-ponds-teens-concert-2011-33 Hujan_teriakan_dan_Hadiah_untuk_David_Archuleta David2

And here, my best shoot



In 2012 he played the movie, Christmas concerts, create MV and create albums. But in the year 2012 were Archangels and David was crying. Since David will stop for 2 years from the world of entertainment to finish the religious (If in Korea is like going to military service). He announced it in front of his fans at his Christmas concert. And then he cried. So did I as Archangel. All feel like a dream. He’ll be back in April, 2014


But he did not leave his fans for granted. He’s got a few surprises for the fans. As BEGIN album, video greetings christmas and new year, MV Rainbow, new single ‘Dont Run Away’, album No Matter How Far, and I hope there are still more surprises. Well, every Archangels certainly miss him and wait for him faithfully. Waiting for him back in 2014!!!!!

Some of his  MV :


198689_1771408739852_3614952_n AvGZk6BCEAAnUVo.jpg-large davearchuletahob4 David_Archuleta-_Album_Baru tumblr_meavblHmVd1r6q20ao1_500



source : David Archuleta channel, wikipedia,

Well.. just want to share about my idol from another world. My forever idol.





warm hug -Sheli-

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